ASIPI Seminar, Guatemala

31 dez 1969

Our partner Leonardo Cordeiro, President of the Plant Varieties Committee, is in Antigua for the Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property (ASIPI) seminar whose theme is “Coexistence or Collision? Challenges and Opportunities in the Age of Artificial Intelligence”.

Leonardo said that this morning the event officially started in a beautiful and detailed organized hall with a very interesting opening theme, talking about the interrelationship of intellectual property (IP) and artificial intelligence (AI). Facing the future with the presence of artificial intelligence will be a challenge, especially an ethical challenge, when we think about this connection between AI and IP.

Innovating in today’s world will force us to understand and explore topics such as artificial intelligence and it is extremely important to think about how Intellectual Property will be respected.

We will learn a lot in this seminar and we will tell you a little more soon.