Webinar ABPI – Lisbon Agreement: advantages and impacts of Brazil’s possible accession

31 dez 1969

The 3rd Scientific Meeting of the Study Commissions of the Brazilian Intellectual Property Association (ABPI) continues until the 14th, and this morning our partner Andréa Possinhas moderated and organized the panel “Lisbon Agreement: advantages and impacts of Brazil’s possible accession”, in collaboration with Claudia Maria Zeraik, both coordinators of the Geographical Indications Study Commission.

The panel featured speakers Miguel Campo Dall Orto Emery de Carvalho (MDIC), Maria Beatriz Dellore (USPTO), and Alexandra Grazioli (WIPO), who provided a detailed analysis of the benefits and impacts of Brazil’s accession to the Lisbon Agreement, highlighting opportunities, legal gaps, challenges and the strengthening of GIs in the global context.

Roner Fabris, acting as a debater, complemented the discussion with his extensive experience and critical perspective, contributing significantly to the depth of the debate.