PUMA’s figurative trademark has high renown recognized by the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (BTO)

31 dez 1969

With the assistance of our firm, PUMA achieved this week the high renown recognition of its figurative trademark.

The recognition of the “jumping cat” figurative trademark significantly contributes to increasing the degree of exclusivity and prestige of PUMA company in the Brazilian market.

The special status is granted by the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (BTO) after a thorough analysis of evidence that a particular trademark has exceeded its original scope of protection due to its high distinctiveness and widespread recognition in the market. Thus, the figurative trademark in question has joined a select group of just over 100 trademarks recognized by BTO high renown trademarks.

Due to the level of recognition achieved, high renown trademarks receive differentiated treatment compared to regular registered trademarks, being protected for a period of 10 years in all fields of activity. The extensive protection aims to prevent parasitic exploitation by third parties and the dilution of the distinctive power of trademarks that have reached this prestigious status.

Among the various pieces of evidence submitted to support the high renown request was a public opinion poll conducted by the Datafolha Institute, which found that 86% of respondents spontaneously recognized the figurative mark. It corresponds to the recognition by approximately 138 million Brazilians over the age of 16. Among those who recognized the trademark, 72% stated that it belongs to PUMA SE, 90% associated it with the sports apparel segment, and the same percentage stated that the trademark has a good reputation in the market, identifying quality products or services.

Founded in Germany in 1948, PUMA is a global sports goods brand, recognized for its wide range of products, including footwear, clothing, and accessories, and values excellence, style, and innovation, with a significant presence in the sports and fashion industry.

The figurative trademark represents a “wildcat”, known for its dynamism, speed, and agility, qualities aligned with PUMA SE and its sports products.

The longstanding partnership between PUMA SE and the our firm has contributed to further strengthening the company’s position and reputation in the market, solidifying its status as a leader in its segment.

“Obtaining the high renown recognition for another PUMA trademark in the country of soccer, where so many other sports brands operate, is another confirmation of the prestige and great impression that Brazilians have of PUMA,” says the associate lawyer Isadora Lima, who participated in the high renown application process.

Andrea Possinhas, senior partner of the law firm and responsible for the Intellectual Property and Trademarks area, affirms: “The recognition of the high renown of the figurative mark will certainly be an important reinforcement in PUMA’s actions against piracy and the counterfeiting of products by third parties, who try to take advantage of the reputation earned over the years by this renowned company.”