“Non-Traditional Marks in Latin America and the Caribbean

31 dez 1969
Escritório especializado em propriedade intelectual

Our partner Luciana Noronha, member of the Non-Traditional Marks Committee of INTA (International Trademark Association), was co-author of the article “Non-Traditional Marks in Latin America and the Caribbean” published in the INTA Bulletin of March 9th, 2022.

The article highlights what non-traditional trademarks are, provides an overview of registrability in Latin American and Caribbean countries, in addition to detailing the registration issues related to three-dimensional, color, position, sound, olfactory, motion, hologram, taste, and texture marks.

The Bulletin will publish a series of articles about the protection of non-traditional trademarks in various regions of the world, authored by the Committee. This was the first one and it’s very interesting.