ASIPI’s Round Table: Brazil and its adherence to the Nagoya Protocol

Onde: Online
27 jul 2023

Today, July 27th, ASIPI held a Roundtable on the challenges faced by Brazil after its accession to the Nagoya Protocol. Among the key points discussed, our Partner, Leonardo Cordeiro, who moderated the panel and is also a member of ASIPI’s Patent Committee, emphasized: “The country signed the agreement 2 years ago and continues to improve the rules of environmental safety practices, seeking clearer and globally agreed-upon regulations, with the intention of making the treaty a true instrument to combat biopiracy and genetic material appropriation.”

In addition, the panel was also moderated by Monique Teixeira from the Dannemann Siemsen law firm, with speakers Dr. Luiz Ricardo Marinello from Marinello Advogados and Ana Paula Viana from Natura, and our Partner, Andrea Possinhas, representing ASIPI as a Delegate for Brazil, participated.

For those who couldn’t attend, the livestream will soon be available on ASIPI’s official channels.