ASIPI Seminar, Guatemala

31 dez 1969

We successfully concluded our participation in another ASIPI (Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property) Seminar, held from June 2 to 4 in Antigua, Guatemala, with the theme “Coexistence or Collision? Challenges and Opportunities in the Era of Artificial Intelligence.”

During the seminar, our partners Andréa Possinhas, Deputy Brazilian Delegate of ASIPI and Coordinator of the “ASIPI Emprende” Program, and Leonardo Cordeiro, President of the ASIPI Plant Varieties Committee, had the opportunity to exchange ideas with global professionals and specialists. They discussed the exciting world of artificial intelligence and its interrelation with Intellectual Property, challenging us to think about the ethical and innovative aspects of this connection.

It was a pleasure for our partners to participate in such a prestigious event. We look forward to sharing the knowledge acquired and applying it to our future projects, always striving to advance Intellectual Property.