Digital Law

Escritório de Advocacia Propriedade Intelectual RJ, SP

Digital technologies have been improving very rapidly, and this progress has resulted in the need for defining patterns on how to behave on social networks, websites, e-commerce, applications and the like. Digital Law covers the set of rules, applications, knowledge and legal relationships derived from the digital universe.

Our firm has a dedicated team in this area, capable of monitoring, analyzing and applying this vast set of rules (national and international legislation, and best practices), providing clients with legal advice on how to protect their behaviors in a digital environment with respect to intellectual property.

Our services include: legal advice on electronic and digital law, including privacy, user data collection and management (LGPD); drafting and reviewing terms of use, privacy policies and personal data; judicial and extrajudicial litigation to protect rights; civil liability of providers; and issues related to sponsored links.