Andréa Possinhas and Leonardo Cordeiro join Marcasur’s Live.

31 dez 1969

Yesterday’s Marcasur Live featured our partners, Andréa Possinhas and Leonardo Cordeiro, discussing their professional journeys, the history of the firm, the challenges of managing as a couple and the significance of associations in their lives.

“It was the best change in my professional life,” stated Leonardo, when he finally accepted Andrea’s invitation to join the firm.

“Working together is a pleasure. We have a great bond and tremendous admiration for each other. Despite taking work home, we know how to separate things,” remarked Andrea.

For young individuals aspiring to pursue careers in the field of Intellectual Property, they offer an important recommendation: Always study, dedicate yourself, and build relationships. “This area requires interdisciplinary professionals who are sociable and practice networking and communication,” concluded Andrea.